TV companies

Commercial TV companies decide on the visibility areas of their programmes, which is why it is recommended to contact the company providing the programmes directly in case of visibility problems. They also know how to best advise on alternative services to receive programmes. Only Yle, which is the public service broadcaster, must make its programming available for all citizens. MTV3, which is a so-called public interest channel, must also be made available for all citizens. 

Network operators

Below is a list of network operators operating in Finland and links where you can find their service contact information. 

Antenna TV network operator

Digita Info offers help to those using the terrestrial TV network. Read more about Digita Info.  (External link) The service issubject to a charge. 

Cable TV network operators

The following operators are cable TV network operators: 

DNA's contact information (External link) (in Finnish) 

Elisa's customer service (External link)

Telia's customer service (External link)