HDTV Guide

The transition to the HD age has begun.

Road to high-definition

After the transition, you need a television or set-top box with an HD tuner to receive TV broadcasts. Most Finns have an HD-compatible device. However, you can check from the attached link whether your device is compatible with high-definition broadcasts. In addition, the page offers instructions for, among other things, the purchase of a new television or set-top box, as well as for recycling an old television.

Information on transition to HD

High-definition broadcasts will become part of all households from the spring of 2025 with the transition to HD. On these pages, you can get information about the transition and the actions required by it.

Frequently asked about transition to HD

Our FAQ page gives you answers to frequently asked questions, such as how you can find out whether your TV is part of an antenna or cable network or in which areas HD channels are available.

HD glossary

In the HD glossary you will find all the terms and abbreviations you may encounter during the transition. What does DVB-T2 mean? Or pairing ID? What about UHDTV?

Involved in driving the HD transition

  • Yleisradio Oy

  • MTV Oy 

  • Sanoma Media Finland Oy

  • Warner Bros. Discovery

  • The Walt Disney Company Nordic AB

  • Digita Oy

  • DNA Oyj

  • Elisa Oyj

  • Telia Finland Oyj

  • Ålands Telekommunikation Ab (Ålcom)

  • Elektroniikka- ja kodinkonekaupan yhdistys ETKO ry

  • FiCom ry

  • Suomen antenni- ja teleurakoitsijaliitto SANT ry